Attack Barcadium is FINALLY Here

MURFREESBORO, TN – After several delays and updates the throwback to classic arcades has finally opened its doors On the Square in Downtown Murfreesboro.

The owner David Stansberry, who also owns Frozen Treats & Popcorn From Mars Theater, has been eagerly awaiting for his next project to be released.

“We wanna help our existing businesses and bring more people to the square,” said Stansberry. “We hope this can be something for generations to come.”

The arcade features several hundreds of machines whether from the 1980s, 1990s, or recent releases. It also displays many made-from scratch cutouts of classic video game and comic book characters such as Deadpool, Mario, Pikachu, Superman, and more.

It’s taken Stansberry over a year to get the place up and running due to city building codes. He explained, “Many of these old buildings need love and care. We are happy to get all off that behind us looking forward.”

Stansberry said the theme of the entire place is Good vs. Evil. On one side you’ll see protagonists and the other the opposite. He said he plans to have a different theme for the arcade around holidays, such as Halloween with corresponding arcade games and cutouts.

Customers can submit what games they want in the building by voting and they’ll switch out every now and again to keep the line of machines fresh and new. Stansberry said if you ask for a certain machine he will more than likely have it. He hopes to have almost every arcade machine that’s ever existed for the building.

If you’d like to message Attack your suggestions for future machines to be featured in the store, you can follow them at:

Attack is open Thursday – Saturday 7 pm to 2 am for ages 21 & up and 12 pm to 6 pm for families. General admission is $15, but only $10 with College/Military ID. For families, it’s only $7.50.

Michael Fitzhugh Voted Interim Sheriff by Rutherford Co. Commission

MURFREESBORO, TN – The 21-member Rutherford County Commission voted retired Sheriff’s Department Captain Mike Fitzhugh as interim sheriff.

There were three rounds of voting among the four candidates selected before the vote. They were current Chief Deputy Keith Lowery, former Deputy Chief Virgil Gammon, Fitzhugh and TBI Agent Dale Armour.

Lowery received the lowest number of votes after the first round. Gammon in the second round. The final vote was 11 votes for Mike Fitzhugh and 10 for Dale Armour.

Fitzhugh, age 71, worked for BellSouth, was former director of the Rutherford County Rescue Squad and retired in 2013 as captain at the sheriff’s department.

The vote by the commission was forced after Robert Arnold was jailed and suspended while awaiting a trial next month on federal corruption charges.

Arnold will face the courts on February 7, 2017. The 14-count indictment charges Sheriff Arnold with honest services fraud; mail fraud; wire fraud; bribery concerning federal programs; extortion under color of official right; obstruction of justice; and conspiracy.

Also facing the charges are former Rutherford County Sheriff’s Chief Administrative Deputy Joe L. Russell II, 49, and Arnold’s uncle, John Vanderveer, 58, of Marietta, Georgia. Russell was terminated by the Sheriff’s Office on November 17, 2016.

Fitzhugh will have to take the oath of office and be bonded before he can assume the position. That’s expected on or before Monday.

Chemical Spill Closes Down I-24 & Homes Evacuated

MURFREESBORO, TN –A hazardous materials situation in the Buchanan area has been resolved, traffic will remain an issue until early evening hours.

A crash of two semi-trucks on I-24 westbound at mile marker 87 led to evacuations on Wednesday.

More than 150 homes in Buchanan Estates were forced from their homes as a result of the incident. The evacuation order came two-hours after residents were told at 4am to shelter in place, turn off their HVAC units and to close doors and windows.

Emergency crews had to go door to door to alert residents of the evacuations and used PA systems on their emergency vehicles as well.

Patterson Park was set up as a shelter for displaced residents until the evacuation order was lifted.

Over 10 hours later, hazmat crews declared it safe for Buchanan residents to return to their homes and that air quality shouldn’t be an issue and HVAC units can be safe to use.

Rutherford County PIO Lisa Marchesoni told us, “We are happy to have this resolved without any major injures.”

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is now investigating the crash, which will cause I-24 to remain closed, both eastbound (toward Chattanooga) and westbound (toward Nashville). Eastbound traffic is likely to be re-opened during the afternoon drive (possibly around 4pm), which westbound lanes will take much longer to open.