Attack Barcadium is FINALLY Here

MURFREESBORO, TN – After several delays and updates the throwback to classic arcades has finally opened its doors On the Square in Downtown Murfreesboro.

The owner David Stansberry, who also owns Frozen Treats & Popcorn From Mars Theater, has been eagerly awaiting for his next project to be released.

“We wanna help our existing businesses and bring more people to the square,” said Stansberry. “We hope this can be something for generations to come.”

The arcade features several hundreds of machines whether from the 1980s, 1990s, or recent releases. It also displays many made-from scratch cutouts of classic video game and comic book characters such as Deadpool, Mario, Pikachu, Superman, and more.

It’s taken Stansberry over a year to get the place up and running due to city building codes. He explained, “Many of these old buildings need love and care. We are happy to get all off that behind us looking forward.”

Stansberry said the theme of the entire place is Good vs. Evil. On one side you’ll see protagonists and the other the opposite. He said he plans to have a different theme for the arcade around holidays, such as Halloween with corresponding arcade games and cutouts.

Customers can submit what games they want in the building by voting and they’ll switch out every now and again to keep the line of machines fresh and new. Stansberry said if you ask for a certain machine he will more than likely have it. He hopes to have almost every arcade machine that’s ever existed for the building.

If you’d like to message Attack your suggestions for future machines to be featured in the store, you can follow them at:

Attack is open Thursday – Saturday 7 pm to 2 am for ages 21 & up and 12 pm to 6 pm for families. General admission is $15, but only $10 with College/Military ID. For families, it’s only $7.50.