Wheeling to Victory Through Wheelchair Rugby

MURFREESBORO – Get ready to wrap up your hands in tape and strap yourself in. This will be a bumpy ride.

Since November 2015, Murfreesboro and MTSU has created a way for people with disabilities to get out and get active again.

Originally known as Murderball, or Quad Rugby, Wheelchair Rugby brings together people with disabilities, such as Paraplegia, to play a game where you can have fun on the court and break a sweat.

“Keeps me in shape,” said wheelchair rugby player David Jordan laughing.

With no age limit or restrictions, anyone can be game to play on the court with the league.

“Taking sports away from an athlete is almost like a death penalty in a way. It’s so much fun and so awesome to compete again,” said MTSU advisor Gerald Christian. 

Tennessee hasn’t had a league in almost 20 years. When wheelchair rugby veteran and Olympic gold medal winner Eddie Crouch heard about it, he was happy to jump at the chance to coach the team.

“This is really the only true quadriplegic sport to where you can compete on a pretty even level,” said Coach Crouch. 

Crouch and his team are happy to be playing together, but are always looking for more players to be a part of it.

“There’s a lot of injured players that just kinda give up. This gives them enthusiasm to get out of the house, do more things, and have some fun,” said David Jordan. 

If you or someone you know is interested in playing with the team, you can follow this link for more information: MTSU Wheelchair Rugby

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