Homeless Stories Through Taking Pictures

MURFREESBORO, TN – By day, he is a radio talk show personality who brings us the news. When he is not doing the radio though, Scott Walker has a different kind of hobby.

He takes pictures, adding that photography is he passion, up until a couple of years ago when he noticed something different about the photos he took.

“In almost every photo, there was a homeless person in there,” said Walker.

He decided to go out and sit down with them to hear their stories. What he found out is scary.

“I quickly realized that mental illness was one of the biggest things out in the streets,” said Walker.Scott decided to make it a personal mission to help those who are homeless on the streets, and give them a better chance at life. What makes him different from other organizations is the fact that he delivers things like sleeping bags personally to the people who need it most on the streets.

“People sometimes get irritated with me like man we only handed out five blankets and I have to tell them ya know its not about the blankets its about sitting down and talking with them,” said Walker.

If you’d like to help Scott and the homeless, you can donate clothes and more to WGNS Radio at 306 South Church Street.

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