Greg Logan is More Than an Official

MURFREESBORO, TN – When the buzzer goes off at a sporting event, it’s time for Greg Logan to hit the court.

Greg tried out for the baseball team his senior year of high school. His coach told him he thought he wouldn’t be able to do the drills without causing interference, but he didn’t stop Greg. He offered him the position of being a manager. Ever since then, like Greg says, it’s all history.

He has been an official for almost any kind of sport you can think of, even being the manager for the MTSU baseball team when he attended college. Since birth, Greg has had a movement disorder known as Cerebral Palsy, but it never stopped him moving. If you go to a sporting event in Murfreesboro, you’d probably see Greg.

People call him an inspiration, including his wife Net Logan, but he just wants people similar to him to not sit down.

“Do whatever God gives you the ability to do.” said Logan.

He doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon, running up and down the court or being behind the plate for 14 hours.

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